Save Trees Save Bengaluru

Today evening there is a protest being organised on Nanda Road against the proposed tree felling in the name of Metro & other so called infrastructure development projects. I am not the one who will be sitting and complaining - enough of that already!! If you are like me, who  at some point of time appreciated the beauty of Southend circle to Sangam circle stretch of nanda road then its your responsibility to protect it for our kids. Come lets join hands with others and protect the future of trees and hence secure the future of OUR Bengaluru. See you at 5 Nanda Rod.

Save Nanda Road,Save Lalbagh Save Bangalore’s future


Human Chain- Protest in R.V.Road(Nanda Road) between 30th and 32nd cross – Sunday Apr 19, 5pm


BMRCL has confirmed that 323 trees will be cut on R.V.Road(Nanda Road) for the metro. Shouldnt we save it?


Earlier this week, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited(BMRCL) demolished 500 feet of Lalbagh's wall and illegally cut 5 trees inside Lalbagh. Hasiru Usiru has been leading a determined struggle to make sure the metro does not violate Lalbagh. After 2 successful protests earlier this week, signifcant sections of the people of Bangalore and politicians from Bangalore South are now demanding that the metro does not build a station in Lalbagh. The continued protest on April 19 is to make sure we reclaim Nanda Road from the metro.

Come in large numbers. Bring expressive posters



Bangalore’s Metro can go underground and save Nanda road and Lalbagh.We urge the Government to scrap the unnecessary Rs.3,000 crores investment in the High Speed Rail Link from MG Road to Bangalore airport, which will serve only 30,000 air travellers.This money can instead be used to to take the Metro Underground. This is techno-economically possible, if there is political will and vision.

Want to know more? Read on.

Metro's Impact on Nanda Road and Other Parks

  • When BMRCL sought clearance, it claimed that trees on Nanda Road will only be pruned, not cut.  

  • Now in response to an RTI application BMRCL has confirmed that 323 trees will be cut on Nanda – RV road. That is ALMOST ALL TREES ON NANDA ROAD WILL BE CUT.

  • 42 other trees will be pruned and cause a huge loss in Nanda road, tree canopy and park areas

  • BMRCL also plans to acquire land in Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain and Cubbon Park and trees will come under the axe.

  • The alignment through Lalbagh and Nanda Road has been extended to Kanakapura Road in total contravention of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, and is likely to be an economic disaster as the potential ridership here is not very significant.

This metro phase is illegal because…

  • The BBMP Tree Officer has confirmed that the tree cutting in Lalbagh was not approved at all.  If this can happen to trees in Lalbagh, you can imagine what this means to trees across the city.

  • The High Court of Karnataka is hearing a PIL over alternatives in Metro alignment, and in total indifference to this process, work is in progress.

  • On 16th March 2009, the High Court of Karnataka ruled in a PIL filed by Environment Support Group and ors. (WP 7107/2008) categorically instructing all urban infrastructure development agencies to "strictly follow" the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act (KTCPA) and the Karnataka Tree Preservation Act. This order is binding on the BBMP, BMRCL and BDA. 

  • This KTCPA requires planning and implementation authorities to evolve projects in consultation with the Public. It demands a detailed process of enquiry into socio-economic and environmental impact of projects undertaken, by transparently devising public plans. None of these statutory provisions have been followed for Metro construction in Lalbagh and Nanda Road or its extension to Kanakapura Road.

  • As per the electoral code of conduct, no fresh infrastructural developmental projects can be initiated during election time

  • Major landmarks will be destroyed for a project that may not effectively serve public transport needs.


  • Jayanagar MLA Mr. B N Vijaykumar (BJP) is on record to state that this alignment was fixed without any consultation with Legislators or the public. He has stated that investing Rs. 2,000 crores more would save this city from certain ruin by the Metro.

  • Dr. Hemachandra Sagar, another BJP MLA has joined protests against the Metro alignment through Lalbagh in November 2008.

  • Mr. Dinesh Gundu Rao (Congress I), MLA, has also joined protests against this alignment in November 2008 and called for a debate before taking up work. Yet the ordinance was passed by the present Government, escaping public and political debate, thus tearing at the very heart of democracy.

  • Mr. Narendra Babu, MLA (Congress I) has joined protests and called for a democratic debate on the Metro alingnment.

    Candidates contesting the Bangalore South Lok Sabha Consituency have woken up to our collective call. Some have taken a stand on the issue.

  • Capt. Gopinath and Mr. Santosh Min, both Independent candidates, have called for a stop of Metro construction through Lalbagh and said the Metro should go underground and save the city and its public ommons. Capt. Gopinath has expressed concern that taking up the Metro in this waywould “destroy the entire character” of Bangalore and asserted “There are some things that are not touched”.

  • Mr. Krishna Byregowda, Congress I candidate, has stated that he wants the Metro but not “by destroying the cultural or historical heritage like Lalbagh”.

  • Mr. Ananth Kumar (BJP candidate) and Prof. Radhakrishna (Janata Dal S candidate) have said nothing at all on this issue.

  • This is not an issue only for Bangalore South Candidates, but should be an issue for all candidates. CALL YOUR CANDIDATE TODAY AND ASK HIM/HER TO TAKE A STAND.

Namma metro? YAARA METRO?

  • The Metro Phase 1 will be ready only 5 years from now and costs tax payers 9000 crores.

  • Yet, it will carry only 10 lakh passengers (12%) of Greater Bangalore’s population in 2012. The BMTC already carries 38 lakh passengers daily.

  •  If Metro has to be extended to the whole city there will be continuous construction for the next 100 years, impacting nearly 3 generations.

  • Traffic congestion will be far worse, because only a small part of Bangalore is going to use the Metro, but the infrastructure will eat into existing road space.

What can YOU do?

  • Join the protests and follow up actions.

  • Spread the word to people in your neighbourhood, schools, colleges, clubs, associations etc

  • Photocopy this leaflet and distribute to passers by

  • Get creative! Use theatre, radio, film, art, music, dance creatively to express your opinion

  • Get support from your local ward officer, Government bodies, Resident Welfare Associations and other citizens initiatives

  • Get support from local candidates in your constituency

  • Mobilise the youth from colleges and schools in your area

  • Stay informed. Subscribe to mailing list.

  • Mail your phone numbers to for immediate updates through sms

  • For more information on the impacts of Metro and other infrastructure projects like road widening, visit:



Our trees belong with you and me

 For details, please contact or 98802 83974 or 98805 95032

All data presented here has been gathered through RTI applications, discussions with officials, newsreports, etc.

Issued in the public interest by Hasiru Usiru, a network of individuals and organisations working to protect public spaces, public commons and urban greens in and around Bangalore .


Tulips Time

Last weekend ( 3rd May ) i along with my room mate visited Holland, MI where the whole village was celebrating the Tulips Time Festival that started last Saturday ( 3rd ) and is celebrated for one week ( ends tomorrow - 10th May ). It was a short trip from Auburn Hills ( just 21/2 Hrs drive ) and hence could be easily covered in a single day. Collapse )

You can find a few more photos in the album.

The Art of Cooking

Its been almost 4 months since i landed in Detroit and all these months i have been cooking for myself - atleast 50% of the time, rest 50% is done by my roommate who is an expert cook - lucky my family;-) . In these months i have learn t the following things about cooking:

1. Mastering the art of Papad Making :
Its really simple like most of the complex things in the world - all you need to do is try to prepare poori :-)

2. The secret of preparing properly shaped Poori/Chapathis :
Dont even dare to think of the shape you want to make - the probability of preparing a round pooris when u want to prepare a round one is very small( in my case its been 0.999999... ) so dont think about the shape of your poori the probability of getting your desired shape is definitely higher :-)

3. Bisibelebath , lemon rice and Tamarind rice are the real life savers for bachelors like me - trust me you cannot go wrong with these ( except for the salt part - which i always put very less ).

Life - away from home & friends...

Life in Detroit has been different, to say the least, lot of things have changed already in the past 3 weeks that i have been here:
1. To start with i flew for the first time in my life - yes India - Frankfurt - Detroit was my first flight experience, and it is absolutely boring:-(.
2. Experiencing snow for the first time - its the peak winter here and it snows pretty regularly, so we need to have the thermals ready all the time:-(. But the rooms are all heated enough to let me continue the habit of bathing in cold water :-), i am enjoying the cold.

3. have started cooking regularly ( guess what i am getting better at it - of course still not worthy of human consumption but i can survive:-p !!!! ),
4. started driving my Sebring .
5. Getting used to eating US, italian, mongolian, mexican & arabic cuisines pretty regularly - these were luxuries back in India but here its just part of the regular diet!
4. visiting temples - i really do not remember when was the last time i visited temple in India;-). Though my intention is not worshiping my mother is happy.
6. Getting used to visiting bars and ordering water along with food;-). My colleagues love to go to bar during weekends so i go along but only once did i drink wine with them and i do not think i will be repeating that mistake in near future;-).

Overall - lots of things are happening, lot of learning and fun. One month is almost over - 5 more to go - if things continue as they are i should be back in India in no time:-).

Mathad Mathad mallige

A story with lot of potential - contains politics bashing + Naxalism + Globalisation ( well not the right word but thats how most people call it ) and what does the director Nagathihalli chandrashekar do? Well create one of the most boring, passionless, loosely knit movie out of it - man that was a disaster. Yet another instance when I wish we had Shankarnag around:-( .


Annoying Insant Messaging habits

sudhi_11in's post prompted me to post about habits a few IM friends of mine have/had:

1. Writing in CAPS AND BOLD
This habit irritates me the most - i cannot come up with a single excuse for anybody to do this!! Using Bold/Caps to emphasize a point is absolutely fine, but emphasizing everything you say is kind of overkill - don't you think?

2. Writing in miXeD CaPitAl LeTTers
Another friend of mine has this habit using capital letter in between words Ex: HeY IaM GoiNG tO OoTY ThIS WeeKENd, WaNNa JoIN? His reasoning is that "he likes Capital Letters"!!! I got so annoyed that i modified GAIM's source code to display all the messages in small - but my sister started booting onto Windows to logon to messenger so i reverted back to using standard GAIM :-(.

3. Using your own chatspeak without explaining what the abbreviation is supposed to mean
One particular friend of mine used a lot of abbrevations of his own because he found it easier to type - its ok to use abbrevations like txt, gn, gm, g8 etc etc but to say something like hgmhru for "Hi Good Morning How are you?" is definitely overkill. She stopped doing that after i started replying in same way i used to type something like "h d h r u i a f w p f u w e? " ;-)

4. Using lots of Smileys in their messages
I had developed this habit of using too many smileys in my messages - i realised how annoying it could be while going through the logs of my own conversation - now i consciously try to avoid using smileys in messages.

A few years ago i used to find messages written in Kannada language using English fonts very irritating but now iam used to them - in fact i have replying same way for such messages;-) May be its only time before i get used to above practices. What Are the other IM practices that annoy you?

Leech Dance

Leech dance.

This becomes my first ever photo to be published in a magazine. A couple of days ago i received a mail from Travel Srilanka requesting for my permission to use the above photo in an article about Land Leeches in the next edition. Today i got a confirmation mail from them requesting for a high resolution image of the same. They have offered to send me a copy of the same as soon as its printed. In the past i have got a couple of requests from a couple of news websites to use some photos, but this is the first time that a photo taken by me will be printed in a Magazine, it really feels nice. Thank you flickr community:-).


Two years ago she used to call me by name and treat me like a brother, two years from today she will treat me the same, but two years ago i used to treat her like a sis and used to call her by name , but two years from today i will be treating her like an aunty??? Reason: she would have got married and would have kids looking up to her, but i will continue to be the same! Girls definitely grow ( oldwise;) ) faster then men do...